Datacoin mining pool for AMD/NVIDIA cards

DIFF.9.7531 BLOCKS2118684 NODES30 WORKERS14 LATENCY133 CPD5825.90

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Pool fee is 5%. Your shares are counted and put into payment queue, then paid when found blocks get fully confirmed.
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version 10.1 beta, ~240 CPD on GFX 1080.
version 10.0 beta, ~130 CPD on Radeon 280X, 200 CPD on GFX 1080.
version 9.4.1, version 8.2, ~180 CPD on Radeon 280X.
You can also experiment to get better results, miner thread: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=602292.0

Mine on your own risk!
Good luck and have fun!

Block Explorer and much more: www.bytestamp.net

Exchange (new!) btcpop.co/Exchange/DTC


Added chainlength column on blocks page and last payouts list on account page.

Added some info on startpage about current difficulty, blocks, etc...

New miner v10.1, tested on GFX 1080 and 6x1060 rig.

Minimum payout changed to 100 DTC.
Target changed to 9, rewards changed to current diff.

Happy new year miners!
Check main DTC thread on bitcointalk for bonus coins :-)
Old wallet exceeded 100MB in size, changed to new fresh one, so all coins you mine need to mature before payout.

All active users get 1000 DTC reward.

Pool is up and running.

Friday 13th. Service provider restarted server, database corrupted, we restore it ASAP.

Strange things happen, 1000+ chains of blocks get disconnected and marked orphaned.
I'm gonna re-download whole blockchain, set new wallet, reset database etc.
All funds you have unpaid (yes, including orphaned blocks) from pool were sent to you from my wallet.

Pool moved to new server. Old machine was too costly for my pocket :-P

Remade pool software in test phase!

Datacoin network started behave strange from Aug. 15th and mark almost all blocks found by pool as orphans (after 2 months of working good).
So, I'm very sorry, but pool is down until issue will be resolved :-(

Contact: MarcusDe @ bitcointalk forum